How to Find your Talents - 5 Good Ways

How to Find your Talents - 5 Good Ways

Why you need to find your talents???

Most people never find their natural talents and strengths – either because they do not believe they have any or because they underestimate their importance. If you want to be successful, discovering
your uniqueness is not a nice bonus – it’s a necessity. The following two examples show you why:

Your biggest room for growth lies within your talents

A common assumption in today’s society is that the key to success is fixing your weakness. People tend to think that working on what you are not good at is the fastest way to grow and develop. That’s far from the truth. Of course, you can get better at anything. Working on your weakness can help you go from bad to mediocre. But you will never be able to achieve true excellence without an underlying talent. As Markus Buckingham says: each person’s greatest room for growth is in the areas of his or her greatest strength.î So find these areas of talent and strength and capitalize on them. That way you can use your full potential.

Making use of your key differentiator

What sets you apart from everyone else is your unique personality with all the special talents and strengths that you possess. YOU are the biggest asset that you could ever have. The first step to embrace your uniqueness is being aware that you are special. You are like nobody else in this world. Nobody else has had the same experiences as you. No one has exactly the same characteristics and shares the same values. Nobody has learned all the various skills you learned. Discovering your talents and strengths means becoming more aware of who you really are. Because only when you know what makes you so unique ñ you can fully embrace and make use of it.

But what exactly is a talent?

A talent is simply a strong characteristic that you have. It’s something you naturally do, think, or feel and that can be used in a beneficial way. It is nothing you acquired in school or that was taught to you at university. A talent is just a natural pattern of thought, feeling, or behavior. Psychologists say that 90% of what you think every day is repetitive*. Meaning most of what you think today, you already thought yesterday, and 90% of these thoughts you also thought the day before … Not only are your thoughts the results of underlying patterns but also your behavior and feelings. Finding your talents is simply about discovering these most prominent patterns within you and then using it to your advantage.

Identifying your unique talents

To set yourself up for success and capitalize on the way you are, you need to identify your unique characteristics. This is a process that takes quite some time but that is definitely worth doing!
The following four ways can help you get started:

1.What do I Enjoy Doing Most?

Check yourself, there is something you have a special ability for, usually something you didn’t even learn before you knew how to do it.
Discover that “thing”, whatever it is (now I don’t mean you should continue sleeping because you didn’t learn it before you were able to do it).
In most cases, we discover that we actually love to exercise our talents; it’s something that you don’t mind spending a whole day doing, you just always enjoy doing it.
It could be telling stories, which you could employ writing or even acting.  Maybe its cracking jokes which could make you a comedian, which is one of the best earning jobs in the entertainment industry today.  Maybe you enjoy making analyses about the economy, you could become a renowned economist if you pursue it as a career.  Maybe its the ability to give credible advice under different circumstances which could  make you a renowned consultant, it could be anything

REMEMBER: Whatever anyone has done, someone else can do as well. You’ll never be exactly the same as another person, but you don’t need to be. You can use the successes and achievements of other people as guidelines to help you decide where you want to arrive at the end of your particular journey. But you can be unique and different and successful in your own way. Talents lies here because you enjoy doing it.

2.Listen to what the universe is saying about you. 

  I just threw the universe thing in there. I actually mean the people around you. What do people tell you about yourself? Do people tell you that you explain things so clearly, you’re a good listener or you would make a great teacher? They are probably seeing qualities in you that lend themselves well to other professions, disciplines and pastimes. READ ALSO: 9 Possible Signs you are on a Wrong Move

3.Find what makes you feel strong

Keep track of how you spend the next two days: What are you doing, feeling or thinking about daily? Write down everything that energizes you and makes you feel strong. It could be a particular physical activity such as meeting up and going dancing with a friend or a mental activity such as finding a solution to a difficult problem. Then when you found a few things you repeatedly do and love, dig deeper and see what part of that particular activity made you feel good.
So for example, one of my patterns is that I love learning and sharing my findings with you. That statement in itself is not quite true: I don’t like learning about everything. Give me books about personal development and I am occupied for hours feeling energized and in flow. Give me almost anything else and I am bored to hell. I like sharing what I learn but if you make me talk about it in front of a crowd, I will try to run and hide. However, sit down with me alone and I will happily talk with you for hours. These are distinct differences that are vital to know in order to make the most of my talent.
Look out for your own patterns: what are you always doing or thinking about? What can you just not help doing, thinking or feeling? Even if someone asks you not to? Often these are things that others can find quite annoying about you

4.Discover what you spend your money on

Your core values are closely linked with what you spend your money and time on. Take note of what you spend your money on and look closer at what this can tell you about yourself.
For example, I spend my money on books, seminars and conferences. The types of books I buy show me what I am passionate about – namely personal development and entrepreneurship. But what’s behind it is my innate desire to learn and grow. That is a strong natural characteristic of mine, a talent that drives everything I do, how I think and how I spend my time.
If you like spending money on going out with friends, is it that you like bringing people together? Is it that you like getting attention and expressing yourself? Or maybe is it because you value deepening your pre-existing friendships? Why do you do what you do? What is behind it? The key is to keep digging deeper in order to get to the core essence of your talent patterns.
Most people, including myself in the past, make the terrible mistake of being too fast and not taking enough time to truly discover themselves. Identifying what makes you truly unique and what drives you is not a 1-minute exercise you can complete while brushing your teeth.
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5. Use failure as motivation.

Things aren’t always going to go your way, no matter how well
you and your teams properly align with your goals. Sometimes we need a good
kick to get us going. Sometimes we need the pain of failure to reset, revise, and reassess. Are you taking risks? Are you
failing? If so, good going.
Winston Churchill failed grandly more than once, and was famously cast to the
political “wilderness” and then came roaring back to lead the British
resistance. Steve Jobs was fired from the company he
founded but through persistence ultimately came back to save it from
extinction. Hillary Clinton failed to win the presidency but then became a
powerful and respected Secretary of State. Each of them, in their own way,
failed, learned from their mistakes, and most importantly, persisted in the face
of failure. Phoenix rising is the way of the world today and we are in the
midst of its widespread occurrence.
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